Tarot cards just jumped out, a Message to share today...

How are you? 
As I was shuffling the cards, a few flew out that I felt like I needed to share.
This is someone who may be driving by your home, or spying on you and perhaps trying to find out information through someone that you mutually know...
It feels like there is someone who said some things that truly beneath it all, they didn't mean it. A significant date is reminding them of you.
I can see how they probably felt 'miffed' that you didn't 'bite' and didn't react to a situation in the way they wanted. This is someone who definitely annoyed you, teased you, and tended to do things that you just didn't like. 
You may be receiving strange unknown calls, or maybe even mail that is unaddressed, and it's almost like 'who is this from?' be aware of this now and over the coming 4 weeks. 
This is someone who could connect with a fire sign, Aries, Leo / Sagittarius. 

The names Dave, Dan or a 'D A' sounding beginning name could be significant now and in the coming weeks. 
Your loved ones are wanting to protect you from someones 'negative' and quite plainly toxic energy and the drama and trouble they brought into your life needs to stay away now and for good. Do not let them back, please!
It's as though this person is in deep thought and wants to reach out but seems to just be spying from a distance. 

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