Spirit Message

My Spirit guides are bringing forward a Loved One who passed so tragically, a significant anniversary now brings them very close. 
This Loved One is saying sorry for how they wasn't able to give you any warning, they connect around a John with a William, and they want to say how the breathing/ chest related tensions and issues are lifted, they are at peace and content. 
They connect closely around a Margaret (or very similar name) who is a guardian angel, watching over you and those close to you. 
They talk about how you've felt 'in the middle' of people and how you've felt so hurt by people who you just never ever thought would do this. They really understand and was probably one of the only people who did understand how you felt where 'family' situations were concerned. 
This loved one is trying to connect with you through dreams, waking up at perhaps 2/3am, seeing repeated numbers, ie.111, and seeing a significant name when you're driving or in a car, and so on. It's not a co incidence. 
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