Someone is not telling you they've caught feelings because they don't want to ruin what you have...

Hello! How are you? I hope you've had a lovely weekend.

I've drawn 6 cards, looking here I firstly see someone is silent right now and not communicating perhaps like they was. 

I can see someone is hiding how they are feeling because they don't want to ruin what you have. I do see someone with darker hair and slim build, hardworking, perhaps a business owner but may be feeling very mixed up in their life now, and depressed. Is this person perhaps drinking a lot or more than normal?

This person may be silent but you drive them crazy. They can't stand the thought of you being involved with someone else or the thought of them losing you. They have a secret that they will soon have no choice but to reveal. 

I can see an initial D right now and also an initial G, perhaps the G is Gary or very similar to. Look out for this around you. 

I see it's quite easy for people to make you feel sorry for them and trap you. You're an empath, you feel emotion and soak up emotions like a sponge, you do need to be protecting yourself. 

There is someone with a bit of an 'evil eye' energy. There is someone around you who is jealous. It's almost as though this person is not saying what they truly think, I feel like they are judgemental. I feel like this is someone that you are spending a lot of time around though, so maybe in your day to day life, ie. work or career, home or someone connected to you, who you may just feel a bad vibe from already?!

This person is not honest and not truthful. You can expect some truths to come to the surface as you come into 2024, and the ending to a legal battle, but this legal battle will not be nice for one person or maybe two and someone who has not been truthful around their finances and has lied will unfortunately perhaps have to give money back or pay it back to who it should've been given to. 

Be careful of who you are around because this is impacting how you feel. As of late you may be feeling drained, worn out, not quite yourself, I feel like this is because of this 'evil eye' energy, which is actually blocking you from moving forwards. 

Do not ever let someone make you stay in something to keep them happy. You are so much better than that. 

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