Someone has had a rebound but they regret it...

How are you? I'm sorry I've not been in touch with you for a few days, I wanted to get this to you sooner! 
My spirit guides have been talking to me about a few things that I needed to share, but don't worry, I noted them down. 
The first thing I am shown and I am sorry to put it blunt but they are saying to me that someone behaved like a 'brat', and seemed to throw their toys out of the pram when they didn't get their own way with you. 
I know that this is someone where there was an intense connection, not only chemistry, but attraction also. This person would have had the charm and the connection was probably overwhelming, anyway, it was probably one that progressed too quickly and you may have become a bit overwhelmed and wonder why it went 'wrong'. 
What I can see is that this person moved on to be with someone else very quickly and in fact the timing of this is questionable, however, I do feel like they are having a moment of regret and doubt as it looks as though this connection they have had hasn't worked out, and they think they have messed up. 
However, I do see this person is not one to admit they're wrong and that's probably why things went the way that they did. I know it was hard for you to sort of take control of this and say 'No' to them, when there were feelings involved, it most probably hurt.
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