The New Moon appears on 11 January 2024 in the sign of Capricorn.

In 2024, January 11 holds significant astrological and numerological importance as it aligns with the first New Moon of the year. New Moons signify new beginnings and fresh goals, and the Capricorn New Moon on January 11 marks the commencement of a positive phase where your desires can manifest. However, be prepared for surprises along the way, courtesy of Neptune’s unpredictable influence—hopefully, they’ll be pleasant ones. Today’s blend of energies encourages you to embrace your hopes and aspirations for the New Year.

During this New Moon, you’ll be reminded of the power within yourself. By aligning with your desires, you can evolve into the person you are meant to be. The universe is actively working to turn your visions into reality. It’s time to break free from the crowd and embrace your uniqueness, seizing opportunities that will positively impact your present and future relationships, career, and sense of self.

As for manifesting on 1/11, the possibilities are vast. The energetic portal is open and active, inviting you to bring into your life whatever first comes to mind when contemplating the angelic number 1/11. Whether you wish to release stagnant energy or usher in new vibes, this is your chance to grow.

For those seeking manifestation inspiration, the New Moon in Capricorn particularly favors career goals. This day offers an opportunity to embark on a new professional path, utilizing your natural abilities and skills to your advantage. Additionally, it’s an excellent time to focus on your love life—let go of pettiness and minor frustrations, and embrace love. Strengthen the foundation of your existing relationship or invite a new partner into your life if you’re single.

January 11 is an ideal day to commence working towards your goals. While you can perform a manifestation ritual at any time, seeing the number 111 on your clock (either 1:11 AM or 1:11 PM) is a sign to pay extra attention to the new journey you’re undertaking. Seize this opportunity to cultivate your passions and become the person you aspire to be. Consider lighting a candle—white for a fresh start or red to symbolise your passions—as you focus on your goals during a manifestation ritual.

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