Looking at the Crystal Ball...


As I’m looking at the crystal ball the first thing I am shown is a loved one who brings a lot of love but was not always able to express it and especially before they passed because of situations, I do feel you have tried to keep out of some of this. I do feel in some ways a loved one may have not been able to be close to one or two people in particular because of someone who was probably jealous or could have caused problems. However, they bring a lot of love and peace to the family around any situations prior to their passing.

I am seeing here that you find yourself at a bit of a cross roads, it seems you are caught between a rock and a hard place, trying to balance what is best for both yourself and another person. The Crystal Ball reveals a lot of pink, symbolizing love and indicating that new love is on the horizon for you but it’s important that you don’t fall for someones lies and the love bombing and sudden spoiling they have or will do because this could just be used against you or done as a lure to draw you in.

This could manifest as a new romantic relationship or the deepening of an existing connection, something you truly desire and deserve but the crystal ball here shows this person has such a huge temper, but it’s like they go so up and down - it’s time to put it to a head and get rid of the bad behaviour. Is it a Mum or there is a close female who seems to manipulate and get involved in things? - that don’t concern them, and I feel frustration here when you are trying to just get someone to see how you feel and it feels such a challenge. Initial L could connect with or around this situation right now, and someone who has needed to look after themselves and their health too, I know you have tried to help them and direct them in the right direction, I do feel in some ways, finally, they may be listening.

I sense that there is someone in your life who will soon come to realise the wrongness of their actions and words. Unfortunately, their arrogance prevents them from acknowledging their mistakes openly but behind the face that’s ‘put on’, it’s an act. The hardest thing is being led with false intentions. You are so so intuitive and this is something you should listen to, because there’s been times when you’ve just wanted to see the ‘good’ in people but when it’s written in black and white there’s some things there are just absolutely inexcusable.

I see ahead an exciting time where your career is concerned, a time of new opportunities. Spirit are guiding you to try and not just go with the flow, there needs to be a spark back within you which you feel like you may have lost as of late, but do not give up on what you want and you desire. I do see there was someone you had an ‘off’ feeling about around a work related situation so just trust your gut and remember you don’t have to tell people about your personal life.

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