Hey! How are you? 

I'm asking my Spirit guides what Messages they have for you right now, I have also drawn 6 cards. 

As I look at your cards the first thing I see is you and someone almost doing cat and mouse chase, this person has an arrogance about them, seems to think they're too good for you?

I can see their cockiness and arrogance, they put themselves high up, but listen, when they put themselves so high, when they fall, they fall a long way down, and it's hard as well. 

This person I see in your cards likes to act as though they 'don't care', or as though nothing bothers them, but this is just a cover up. The truth is, a lot bothers them, you're on their mind.

They have this tendency to not look back, however someone has mentioned you and something has reminded you of them. I can see a darker haired person, slim build, strong build, and more so tanned complexion. Hard working but seems to not be good with money, spends it as soon as it comes in, in one hand and out the other. 

They seem to blame other people for everything, never accepting fault, and I see you fell into a trap where you would constantly say sorry or admit fault for things that a. were not your fault and b. you didn't even do, was that to keep the peace?

I do feel this person was misled by someone. It's as though they were taken away from you or pulled away from you. Someone who was sneaky and jealous, someone who may be younger than them also, and probably just wants money and nothing else.

The thing is, I can see communication coming, and I see something that comes as a bit of a surprise because you just won't expect it, but I tell you what, you deserve better. Although there's a chance this person could be a soulmate or even a twin flame, don't forget the power you've reclaimed from someone who made you chase them and gave you minimal effort.

This individual, defensively picking unnecessary fights, is on a path of recklessness that will inevitably bring about the karmic repercussions they deserve. Their misguided belief in them thinking they know best be will lead them to downfall. 

Spirit does not want you to resent yourself for putting yourself first. Your Loved Ones are very proud. 

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Speak soon,

Chris x

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