Is this a Twin Flame Love? Should you try again or move on?!

I wanted to get this to you yesterday,  a Loved One from Spirit has connected with me in a dream...

How are you? I'm sorry I started to write this yesterday to you. I have a Message for you.

Yesterday I woke up and through the day felt somewhat sad. My spirit guides were pushing me to reach out.

I have 3  cards here for you. 

As I look at your cards the first thing I see is that someone may be keeping something from you. 

It’s almost as though this person might not want to cause hurt or upset. I see a male with darker hair more so, I’d say a brighter colour eyes than dark so more so green / blue. 

I can see they’re a little bit insecure at times and they can be argumentative or defensive.

It seems as though you’re always trying to just do your best and you may be feeling sad because what you truly desire hasn’t happened yet? 

Perhaps you’re comparing your life to others? Perhaps it’s love or wanting a special someone? But, I do in fact see a very deep connection that I would call a twin flame. 

You know when someone doesn’t come off of your mind. You wake and think of them, things you do remind you of them. The kind of connection I see where it may not have been easy and my god you’ve have a lot of things to work through, but either way, it has happened and I just feel it has / was meant to be.

But, I just see someone who does not address their issues. We all have flaws, and moments we mess up, but they don’t admit theirs, this is the issue. I see an initial D and an L with or around them, so maybe a close connection ties in with a David or Danny (or very similar) or a Luke or Liam, again could be similar but definitely a D and an L, my spirit guides show me anyway. 

Someone may lie about finances. It’s as though they could be almost trying to rob you of what you deserve. You need to always fight for what you know is right and what you know is both the truth and integrity. Don’t ever change and don’t ever let anyone take your heart and take advantage of it again. 

As I look here I see the Tower card. It shows a time of destruction. Intrusive or negative thoughts. Maybe being too impulsive. Perhaps not thinking things through. Hanging on to someone who has hurt you. Settling for less than you deserve. 

Shall we look at the future? The first thing I see is someone reaching out. Someone who is not good at communicating at all actually making an effort. This person looks after themselves, they may be reaching out around a birthday or significant date, I feel they are thinking about you and to be honest, have you had a dream about them? 

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Speak to you soon I hope,  

Chris x

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