I have a Message to share with you

Hello! I have 3 cards to share with you with insight for now & the week ahead.

CARD 1 The Six of Cups

The Six of Cups often relates to nostalgia and past relationships. This shows that someone from your past, possibly someone you gave another chance to, may surprise you with communication this week. This individual might be reaching out with seemingly innocent intentions, but considering the other cards, it's wise to approach this renewed contact with caution. Reflect on why you parted ways and whether their intentions now are any more genuine than before.

I see someone who really can’t stand how they don’t have any power or control over you any more, so their way to try and get to you is to call you at strange times of the night, or unknown / withheld numbers, strange online messages or texts, something just feels really ‘off’ with this right now and you may have already had your suspicions, if you haven’t then see what happens over the next weeks, but it is just someone playing games, as they always did, nothing more for you to worry or be concerned about.

2 The High Priestess

The High Priestess advises you to trust your intuition and be more discerning about who you trust. This card emphasises the importance of being vigilant, keeping your own counsel, and not revealing too much about yourself. Listen to your inner voice and be guided by your instincts. It's crucial to observe without immediately reacting. The High Priestess guides you to listen to your Intuition especially over the next week and try and be careful when you’re giving someone more chances, when they’ve hurt you before. Do not and you should not ever feel pressured by someone. If they respect you, your wishes, your feelings, then they would take a step back and give you the time, space you need to think about what it is and what you want to do going forwards. I really do not like how this person will / could be putting pressure on you because you aren’t rushing to do what THEY want, and are putting yourself first, as you should!

3  The Tower

The Tower signifies a sudden change or revelation. While this might sound alarming, it often clears away falsehoods and brings the REAL truth to light. No more lies from someone, no more BS! They need to realise, they did this to someone else, but you will not ever be another victim of their narcissistic behaviour. If you heed the warnings and stay cautious, you might experience a moment of revelation where the deceit becomes clear. This might be disruptive initially, but it will ultimately lead to a more honest and secure situation. You could see a hold or pause on any home or property matters, there could be delays with any paperwork, contracts or documents, but you will see it come full circle when the time is right. Try and not be too impatient and remember that what happens over the coming weeks is meant to  happen in the way and order that it does, and forcing things can only make them go wrong, which you don’t want!

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