I have a Message for you

Hey! I see someone could be wanting you to give them another chance?!

 I have your 6 tarot cards here ready to share with you. I can't hold them for any longer, so this is the last chance to get this reading now, before I have to move on!

As I look at the cards I see someone could be hoping for another chance. I see this person is not / was not good at communicating, they had quite a temper, could get a bit aggressive and also impulsive. 

 I can also see someone who has been lying and not telling you the truth, initial G or H may connect with or around them, darker haired, slim build. I can see you are at a time when you are realising your self worth.

I sense that you have a tolerance for various situations, but there comes a point where you draw a line, and once that limit is reached, there's no turning back. I feel that you've been quite forgiving and offered numerous chances to someone.

It seems there is someone who could be a bit dangerous as they are around for the reasons and they maybe have bad intentions, it's advisable to avoid getting entangled in such situations. Is there drugs / crime around this person?! Be careful of getting involved, in particular connecting around an initial D perhaps Dan/Daniel or similar. Trust me on this!

I feel you can put up with quite a lot, but when enough is enough, that's it, and there is no going back. I do see you have given someone a lot of chances, can I ask you as well is this person in trouble with the police, court or in some sort of trouble that is just not good for you to be around? I am seeing a bit of a warning here as you do not want to get dragged in to this, trust me. 

I also see you having something that may come as a surprise in the next 7 days, this can come in a text or message, but either way I can see you have been on someones mind, this looks to be because of an anniversary or birthday or a date that has almost made them think of you.

I tell you what, this person is regretting the way they treated you and it's like at the time they never would admit any mistakes but I can tell you now, they have realised that the grass is not always greener elsewhere and whatever they got involved in after the connection with you, firstly was / is toxic, but this person will be coming back to you. It's not over.

 This does look like it could be someone from the past making a reappearance, but I feel you blocked this person but they are perhaps still looking at you from (it could be) a fake account? Look out for this!! I almost feel like you have changed some things, perhaps dressing differently, your style, perhaps had your hair done, or something, something has caught their eye and it's almost like 'OMG.' for them!

But, they never listened at the time and it's a shame they couldn't treat you right, rather than being argumentative and getting influenced by bad things and BAD people!!

If I don't hear from you claiming this offer within the next 2 hours I will have to put the cards aside I have chosen for you. 

I only have limited spaces available. 

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