Hello, I see an M initial around you?! Is it Michael?!

I wanted to get this sooner to you, I've been thinking about you today and my spirit guides are bringing a Loved One forward to you.

As I connect here I'm aware of a Loved One who would have been so close to you, adored you, loved you and was a huge influence in your life. 

This Loved One brings a very protective presence around you right now and they talk about someone who you need to be careful of who is dangerous for you. I can see someone who may have also stolen or taken from you and you need to just be careful who you 'give' your love and attention to. 

I see your Loved One who wanted to be at home before they passed and they show me how everything happened so quickly and also there wasn't anything anyone could do. I see a very protective gentleman around you also, and they mention the initial M, maybe the name Michael (or similar)?!

I also see the name David around you. 

I am being shown there is a family dispute or disagreement that they are upset about, there is a situation where you felt stuck, caught right in the middle and it feels like you may carry a sense of guilt that you did wrong by pulling away from them but your loved one loves and adores you and wants you to know that you have done the right thing, jealousy is evil, that's what they say. 

But, the saddest thing is when you have a good heart and you would give away your last penny, you're so kind and caring but for this person in particular this was not enough. 

I can see you seeing a past person returning, and I tell you this is someone you will NOT expect, so this is probably going to come as a total shock. This is someone with darker hair more so, I see slim build, it looks like this connection broke off suddenly and I am seeing there is a 3rd person involved or was.

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