30.05.24 | Message from my spirit guides


Welcome to my app, I’m so excited to share this with you and I’ve got so many ideas and things in mind to come in the coming weeks, as well as exclusive content, readings, offers & more 🫶🏻

As promised, here is todays message…

The first card ‘Ace of wands’ shows a new beginning but a time of second guessing yourself and your decisions because of perhaps someone trying to make you feel guilty or trapped, perhaps using something against you to make you feel bad. The thing is, it’s almost like this person knows how to make you feel bad and the thing is, you care, and you care very deeply. As well as you feel emotions and take on other peoples emotions and energy, protect yourself. This can affect your health, perhaps you feel unwell at the moment or are struggling with some health areas. This could appear in low iron, feeling lethargic, more sensitive than usual to things that perhaps don't normally bother you, tiredness, and so on.

It’s like someone’s been wishing bad on you because they’re jealous. As I look at the second card ‘The Moon’ this shows a decision that is hard to make. So many things coming into play. Feeling like if you choose one person you’re against someone else, or if you choose one thing you’re letting someone else down. The thing is, this is a situation where you feel like you can’t win and that will probably never change. This is involving someone difficult but the thing is you thought things had changed or started to improve? - but, they probably want back to their old ways? Bad habits, and everything you say comes across as interfering or unhelpful. That isn’t at all your intention and we both know that.

A loved one in spirit stands beside me who couldn’t speak prior to their passing, they mention a birthday but also are so sorry for not being able to let you / people know they was going to depart. It feels as though they knew and by this knowing they wanted either no one to be with them when they passed or someone missed their passing (perhaps that’s you?)… this happened for a reason. Your life is changing a lot at the moment and those changes sometimes come at times when you feel exhausted and just can’t face drama, but there is someone who needs calling out and you can’t keep avoiding the truth however hard it is.

I’ve drawn 6 cards, the 3rd card is Justice. This card points to legal issues or battles. Are you awaiting on paperwork? a document / letter? This could be to do with a property, be careful what you’re committing to right now and don’t over stretch yourself.

Spirit want to say that this news is not going to be bad and perhaps that’s what you’re so worried about. You & I know you can’t change the outcome of it but you can change what you do about it and that is to not retaliate to this person, this person may be involved with another, so there could be 2 people / perhaps this person is being influenced by someone else and they’ve caused problems or made things worse. Initial G & H may connect with this situation or person, influences of drug5 or alcoh0l would not surprise me (hidden letters due to sensitive content).

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