12.06.24 - your tarot message

Your tarot message for today reveals the ‘Sun’ card. This shows that you’re working through challenges and difficulties right now perhaps with someone you’ve given a lot of time and energy to. Now you are starting to realise how important it is to prioritise yourself, and when you do that, you will attract people who truly support you, and those who don’t just ‘take’.

Someone will not like it when you “call them out” but the home truths need to be said. You’ll notice how this person goes silent or tries to make you ‘chase’ or maybe even over think what you’ve said and make you think you’re wrong or what you’ve said is wrong, making you second guess yourself. They may try and do all sorts of things or say things to try and get to you but it’s down to you whether you choose to give them the response they want, I wouldn’t do it if I were you.

This is also successful time right now for any job interviews, projects or opportunities, so stay focused. Don’t let one or two people who give you an ‘off’ vibe keep you in not excelling or progressing because you don’t want to outshine them as such or are worried about what they will think because you’re doing well.

You can expect communication from someone within the next few days, maybe even as soon as 24 hours, but if they aren’t acknowledging what they’ve done wrong then I wouldn’t even give them the time of day, initial H, G OR L may connect with or around this person, and yes; they tend to get influenced by people who aren’t good for them, but it’s not your responsibility to save them from drowning if they’re not making any effort to at least save themselves.

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