06.06.24 | Message from my spirit guides

Hey! How are you?

I've drawn 3 cards, looking at the first I see you are having second thoughts and doubts regarding a situation, and how hard it is when someone is making you feel guilty if you do what's right for you.

I see someone who has been doing this for quite some time, my spirit guides are talking about how you probably are always trying to please people, and keep other people happy. They are also talking about a curveball as someone returns from the past, and if this hasn't happened already then it's going to throw a bit of a spanner in the works, it's definitely something you didn't expect, in fact, it may have just happened, or it very soon will. 

The cards reveal how someone may be using control tactics to keep you in a state of limbo and how you may feel like they have other options or perhaps you was in a situation where someone wouldn't give a commitment because of perhaps someone else who has been around them or someones been trying to stop them from moving on?

I feel like you have probably been feeling quite exhausted. The hardest thing is when you are trying to help someone and it just feels like you're talking to a brick wall, as though what you say is just going in one ear and out the other. My guides are talking about how today you may be feeling somewhat lost or disappointed, but you should not be feeling disappointed in yourself, especially if you gave someone another chance, because you did that as the 'nice' person that you are.

I feel you can put up with quite a lot, but when enough is enough, that's it, and there is no going back. I do see you have given someone a lot of chances, can I ask you as well is this person in trouble with the police, court or in some sort of trouble that is just not good for you to be around? I am seeing a bit of a warning here as you do not want to get dragged in to this, trust me. 

I also see you having something that may come as a surprise in the next 7 days, this can come in a text or message, but either way I can see you have been on someones mind, this looks to be because of an anniversary or birthday or a date that has almost made them think of you.

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