04.06.24 | Message from my spirit guides

Hey! How are you?

As I look at the cards I feel a sense of disappointment right now. It seems as though someones false intentions have just or maybe are coming to the surface right now.

And you know what? I feel sad at the fact that you've gone through so much that you're probably at a point where either you expect it to happen or you just feel 'numb', right? I feel like you're sort of 'levelling up' and you're choosing yourself right now rather than settling for anything less than you deserve right now but it's as though someone has a very good way of trying to make you second guess the decisions that you've made.  

As I look at the cards the first card here is The Tower, so yes, you feel like something has come to an end or is a traumatic time, and you can question why this has happened or perhaps why this person or someone has treated you in the way they have, but the thing is this is someone who is self destructive, goes against people who try to help them and gets defensive.

I am shown that at this time it's important to keep your cards close to your chest, trusting your intuition and being careful with what you're telling people, especially when it comes to money and career because sometimes people are jealous, and in that case there is a lot of jealousy and envy around you right now. 

You've been working so hard to build your life and create the life that you want, do not let one manipulative person try and take it away - spirit are showing me someone could have returned from the past and leave you in a period of doubt and doubting whether moving or walking away was the right thing you done, but, you needed to cut this connection as the effort was not mutual or the respect. 

As I look at I can smell alcohol, so whether there is someone with an addiction or getting pulled in to unhealthy habits that don't align with you. I kind of get the impression that you don't mind a glass of wine but you're not appealed by alcohol or have any issue, but this person could be someone trying to influence you into the wrong things, ie. drink / drugs, and so on. 

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