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My spirit guides are saying that you may be feeling overwhelmed right now and perhaps it's a time when things just feel like too much, it's about to change. You may also be feeling trapped, and stuck, perhaps feeling very torn as to what decision to make and it feels complicated. It's important that you slow down and are not made to feel pressured or rushed by anyone or anything, and that if someone respects and appreciates you then they will give you the time that you need. It does feel like there has been some sad news around you and something that may have come as a complete shock, perhaps relating to someone close to you or something which you just never thought or dread would happen.

You have a guardian angel surrounding you more than ever right now and with that, they are trying to get your attention, perhaps you are seeing number sequences, such as 111, or 222, or a white feather has caught your eye. The presence of spirit around you right now is stronger than ever, and this can also be due to a significant date / anniversary around this time now. You may also be able to resonate with a loved one who passed and didn't get to be with one or two people they love.

This loved one / loved ones may have felt silenced, and the thing is, perhaps it was like this because of someones controlling behaviour and aggressive temper, so people felt like they 'couldn't say or do' to keep them quiet or keep the peace, but it's funny how the past 2-3 years everything has changed and the ones who are guilty or cause problems have maybe fallen out of disappeared. 

You know that sometimes you can't please everyone. It really is time to focus on yourself and your life now, the future you want to manifest and your goals, dreams and desires. It may feel like life feels so repetitive right now and you're bored, anxious, fed up and tired, so it's time to make some changes and bring some adventure into your life.

I know that sometimes going out of your comfort zone can be scary, perhaps it's going to a fitness class on your own, travelling alone, doing something you have always dreamed of, perhaps it's even charity related or fundraising, as I know you're a good hearted person and are always thinking of what you can do for others and the world. 

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