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My spirit guides are showing me a time now where you need to be putting yourself first, you have spent far too long feeling controlled by someone and doing as they please, putting someone or something before yourself, sacrificing your own relationships, friendships or even family, perhaps even losing money, focus on career or just making someone your absolute focus, so a time when you felt like you lost everything else around you, and fell into a web of lies or even depression. This is a Narcissist. Someone who wants it to just be 'you' and 'them', and this can be in any context of your life whether love, family, career, and so on.

Someone is perhaps currently has been trying to use you, and this seems to be in a sly way to try and get you to befriend them so that you go against someone else 'with them' a bit like allies. 

My spirit guides want to remind you that you are not responsible for other people. You have probably always wanted to be the one that supports others, tries to fix their lives, problems, but the thing is, there's only so long you can do this before it affects you and leaves you in a bad state mentally and emotionally yourself. 

You are naturally an Intuitive. You feel things deeply, know some things before they happen and you may be on a spiritual journey yourself, trying to find your 'path' or perhaps your own beliefs, make up your own mind, it is not about anyone else and I don't know why I feel that for so long in your life you've done what everyone else said, or what they wanted you to believe, it's time to make up your own mind.

This includes in love, friendships and every other area. Around love or a connection you may be seeing some things come to light, perhaps you've been completely shocked by what you've been told, BUT... see it with your own eyes before you judge. Someone may be trying to not only make an alliance with you but they may be trying to take what you had also, so just be careful that in the coming weeks someone isn't trying to make you see someone or something in a certain limelight for their own benefit.

At this time there may be a hold or pause with regards to some documentations, contracts or agreements, and with that said, you will very soon see why this has happened and perhaps why these thing/s haven't happened maybe as soon as you have liked, if this doesn't resonate immediately right now, then see what comes to light in the next 3-6 months, if not sooner.

My spirit guides are talking about item/s that may have 'gone missing' but perhaps could have been taken. Just be careful with this of who you are trusting right now. This is a lesson you've been needing to work on, maybe you just need to not trust so easily.


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